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Radio Is A Great Partnership Medium With The Internet

The internet is a digital medium consisting of a vast number of public computers connected to a wide variety of networks. The Internet's primary function is to access information but you need equipment (computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, internet provider,) to do so and, in most situations, there is a monthly fee (from your internet provider) for this access.

Consumers use the internet when they know what they need and are focused on finding it. Websites depend on the hierarchy in various search engines, the information contained on the website and how attractive/important it is to the viewer. Using only the internet to advertise, your website's reach totally depends on these criteria.

Radio can help drive traffic to websites due to its unique reach pattern. Radio plus the internet, especially when accessed via a mobile device, is the ultimate in immediacy. This specific combination will reach out and touch your customers in the early stages of decision-making. If they hear your name, then see your website, your product of service will already be familiar. Now you"re not just another website, you are a trusted friend.
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Radio Is A Great Partnership Medium With Television

You like television because it allows you to be highly creative! In a single exposure you can dazzle a large, mass audience. Television alone makes a powerful impact on two senses at once.

But television, alone, doesn't reach your entire market. VCRs and remote controls lend themselves to "commercial zapping." Well over one-third of adult TV viewers spend a daily average of just one hour and seven minutes in the company of a television set. And television, with all its potential for persuasion, is not a "take it with you" medium. If your audience is not home sitting in front of it, chances are they're not watching it.

Television used in conjunction with Radio, is a media mix made in heaven! Television's exciting visuals replay themselves in your mind's eye every time you hear the audio version of the commercial on Radio. Your customers will tell you they saw you on television when, in fact, they just heard your spot on Radio. Imagine that!
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Radio Is A Great Partnership Medium With Cable TV

Cable television gives you access to your target audience without a lot of waste. By virtue of niche programming, you can target exactly the market you're interested in by buying the programs they're interested in.

But cable television is an unproven entity. You assume you're reaching your target audience because you purchase programming that appeals to them. But are they watching? No one knows for sure. Cable viewership research is extremely limited. And unless cable is able to penetrate a specific local market, it's as ineffective as any other advertising that never reaches an audience.

Cable television combined with Radio, however, is a pretty sure bet! Radio is practically synonymous with research, meaning you're never in doubt as to the "who" and "how many" you're reaching. In addition, Radio can boast unequaled penetration in a given market. Cable television plus Radio puts you top-of-mind with your audience. And that's exactly where you want to be!
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Radio Is A Great Partnership Medium With Newspaper

Newspapers are reference materials, and its "permanence" is important to many advertisers. The fact is people do read newspapers.

But, another fact is that the number of people who read the newspaper is on the decline. So is the amount of time busy consumers spend with the paper on a daily basis. Newspaper advertising gives you one chance to grab the consumers' attention and influence the buying decisions they may make that day. Your message is gone with the turn of the page. And so is your chance to make a sale.

Newspaper teamed up with Radio, however, is a whole different ball game! Radio calls attention and adds power to your print ads. When customers read about what they've heard, and hear about what they've read, they become more responsive to your message. When you put newspaper and Radio to work for you, you've created a win-win situation.
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Radio Is A Great Partnership Medium With Direct Mail

Direct Mail literally reaches consumers where they live. It's no small feat to get your advertising message into every household in your target market, and direct mail has that potential.

But direct mail is easy to ignore. Your message - as creative and compelling as it may be - can go directly from the mailbox to the trash bin without a second thought. Unopened advertising is as ineffective as no advertising; and a lot more costly.

Direct Mail heralded by Radio gets your message into both the hands and minds of your target market. Research indicates unsolicited direct mail is often considered junk mail. But when the consumer is initially introduced to your company via Radio, that direct mail piece that could have gone, unnoticed, into the local land fill, now becomes worth reading. And that's the stuff that sales are made of.
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Radio Is A Great Partnership Medium With Outdoor

Outdoor advertising attracts attention. You can't help but notice large, colorful billboards emblazoned with simple, striking images.

But the effectiveness of outdoor is extremely limited. Only the briefest of messages can be communicated in the few seconds it takes a consumer,  preoccupied with getting from one location to another quickly and safely,  to pass a billboard.

Outdoor advertising supported by Radio adds a whole new dimension to your simple message. Radio is an informative medium; Outdoor serves as a reminder. Once consumers find out all about you through Radio, they'll think about you all over again when they see your name on a billboard. Radio plus outdoor makes a lasting impression!
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